The Gamers!

The room was covered with the tools of their games: dice, graph paper, books, a few stray pens, and the all-powerful board. I knew they had cards in their pockets, but I couldn’t turn them out. They didn’t see me. I was just a girl outside the game.

Except something about them always drew me. They had their secrets, the rules of the games and the pieces. I watched them fondle their miniatures and I wondered what else they could do with their hands. I was certain if anyone could lead them to other temptations, it would be me. First I just had to get them to look at me. I was willing to learn.

The things I would learn from the gamers were not what I thought they would be…

I nestled my head next to her shoulder. The cold table beneath me made my nipples stand up. I rested my heels at the edge of the table, black to match my panties and to contrast with Delaina.

Everything stopped. The gamers always met downstairs to get their coffee and snacks before heading upstairs for the big game. Each moment they didn’t appear made me fidget. Delaina somehow seemed relaxed next to me. It felt impossible for her to be so at ease while waiting for them to appear. The possibilities of being found by a stray librarian or other patron kept me on edge.

The door opened, and the six of them entered. Five guys and one girl, the same as every other Friday night. Delaina pulled the rope when I failed, and all the bits fell over us – the miniatures and the game boards, the cards and the paper, and best of all the dice we’d found from many different stores.

Coming soon… Slated for 13 February release.

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